Sealants, Adhesives and other Chemicals


Protecting against corrosion, resistant to fuels, abrasion and extreme temperatures, LJF products made of polysulfide, polyurethane, fluorocarbon or silicone, marketed under the trade mark PRC and manufactured under license from PRC de Soto (PPG), the world leader in this field, have stood the test of time:

These products are known universally as they have been and will continue to be used in all manufacturing programmes of the European aircraft industry -EADS Airbus, Dassault, ATR, SAAB, Casa, Boeing, Embraer, for civil aviation, and Rafale and Eurofighter as well as European fighter aircrafts for the military and all European helicopters. LJF products are also used extensively In the manufacture of equipments for both the army and the navy.

Avioparts is stockiest and supplier for LFJ Sealants and offer stocking agreements to customers including:

  • Integral fuel tank
  • Pressurized cabin sealants
  • Electrically conductive sealant
  • Coatings
  • Adhesion promoters
  • Compound, Potting and Molding
  • Special products

Avioparts is 3M Aerospace authorized distributor and supplies the complete 3M Aerospace full range of products

3M Aerospace offers a wide array of advanced technologies for aircraft interiors, exteriors and structures, including:

  • Surface Protection
  • Aerospace Sealants
  • Structural Adhesives
  • Thermal Acoustic Systems

3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesive Films are a family of thermosetting modified epoxy adhesives in film form.

For years they have delivered trusted aerospace performance in structural bonding of composites, honeycomb and metal aircraft components


As a leading global one-stop supplier for Aerospace companies, with its well-known Ardrox® and Naftoseal® brands, Chemetall offers sealants, NDT products, corrosion protection products, cleaners, pretreatment products and paint strippers for airframe, aircraft operation and aero-engine applications. Cleaners and sealants as well as pretreatment, corrosion protection and non-destructive testing products and processes are available for manufacture, service, maintenance, overhaul and repair of airframe and aero-engine for military and civil aircraft including their components.
At Chemetall, you will find products and services designed to meet the specific requirements of the demanding aerospace standards – this is also underlined by an impressive range of certifications, among others the EN 9100 (equivalent to AS 9100 Rev C, JIS Q 9100).

    • Ardrox® Cleaners
    • Ardrox® and ARDROX® AV Corrosion Protection
    • Ardrox® NDT
    • Ardrox® Paint Strippers
    • Ardrox® Pretreatment
    • Naftoseal® Aircraft Sealants, Sealant Removers