Aircraft Tires and Tubes


Avioparts has been selected by Michelin Aircraft Tire Company as their Authorized Global Distributor, for this we count with an extensive tire and inner tube stock to provide our supply chain service to General, Regional and Commercial Aviation markets. We currently supply our tires all over the world, offering the most competitive prices as well as outstanding lead times.

We can ship same day any reference available in our stock, from ultralight aircraft tires to the bigger Commercial aviation tires (ATR72, B737, A340, etc).

Our storing system allows keeping the tire at its best quality condition since it arrives from factory until it´s delivered to the final customer.

After more than 20 years, Michelin® Aircraft Tire continues to serve military and homebuilt aircrafts, business jets, the commercial and regional airline industry worldwide with outstanding products and superior customer service. Both Airbus and Boeing, the leading airframers in the world, have placed their trust in our experience and products. Airbus selected MICHELIN® Aircraft tires to be the original equipment tire supplier for all of its commercial aircraft. MICHELIN® Aircraft tires are currently original equipment on Boeing's 737, 757, 747-400 aircraft and is approved by Boeing as a replacement tire supplier on almost all of its current aircraft.



  • Up to 100% more landings with less maintenance – Up to half as many wheel changes  
  • Fuel savings

    An estimated US$36 million could be saved annually with NZG tires.

  • MICHELIN® expertise to optimize your tire program

    Based on Michelin® advice, experience up to a 10% reduction in tire removal rate.

  • Business continuity management

    Multiple manufacturing sites to ensure consistent supply.


  • Improve quality – Better FOD resistance

    Up to half as many FOD – related unscheduled removals with NZG Tires.

  • A recognized partner of the aviation world

    MICHELIN® equip over half of all new aircrafts.


  • Less raw materials

    22% less raw materials are used on radial NZG tire versus a standard bias equivalent.

  • Less CO2 emissions

    With NZG radial tires, up to 160 000 tons of CO2 could be saved anually.




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