Manuel Fojón CEO

Avioparts, which was founded in 1993, is a world leading supplier of lubricants, chemicals, aircraft parts and logistic solutions for aircraft maintenance including all types of commercial operators and maintenance providers as well as several military operators worldwide. Our core business is the same day despatch from stock of aircraft components, lubricants and chemicals with full certification to trade customers including airlines, operators, maintenance companies, armed forces and aircraft manufacturers around the world.

We work hard every day continuing our growth strategy to prepare ourselves the best possible way to meet our customer’s needs.

MISION STATEMENT: Our mission is to become one of the global leaders in aerospace distribution services by exceeding both customer and supplier needs for competitive and innovative supply chain solutions while adhering to our foundational values of integrity, honesty and fairness.


We follow a strict code of ethics, which includes:

- Integrity.

- Honesty.

- Professionalism.

- And hard work.

We pride ourselves in keeping our word, and delivering what the customer needs.